How To Win At Slots Games?

Many people dream of making big wins at slot games. This is possible if you understand the strategies that will guarantee you big wins. Slots certainly help people to win money but the odds are usually in favor of the gambling house and not for the gambler. Many people tend to be lured by the winning machines and the flashing lights and think that they can make it big by winning at these machines. The important way to play is to have the right strategies in place and to have a spending limit on the same.


How to increase your chances of winning?

There are strategies that you could implement in order to increase your chances of winning at a slots game. Choose to start playing at a slot machine with low costs. It would do you well to sign up at a reliable casino games site. You can find out ways to get bonuses at Bet365  such as starting off with a welcome bonus which will increase your winnings and rewards.

How slot machines are designed?

Many slot machines are designed to pay out about eighty five percent of the coins that are inserted in them. Some have higher payout rates, about ninety five percent. Some casinos have higher payout slot machines in smaller number than the slot machines which payout about eighty five percent. You might want to watch a machine and how others play on it before you decide to play on the machine. Many might think that a machine that pays out poorly will pay out big eventually. This might not be true as machines are designed to make payouts in a certain way.

Payout timings

Slot machines make payouts as per a program design that is incorporated in their workings. The timing for pay out can be random and machines will release the coins in a certain rate when the time comes along. The probability is set in a random manner and hence it is hard to predict when a slot machine will make a payout. However, when a machine has just made a payment it might not make one the next instant. There is no such assumption that a slot machine that has just released coins will release coins only after a long time.

Slot machines of modern times

Modern slot machines are usually programmed with microchips. These generate symbols in certain random combinations. These are generated even when the machine is not being played. Gamblers who pull the handle usually have no hand in determining whether one will get lucky or not. It is best to not get carried away and be impulsive, trying to get wins and playing round after round. One should take a break and enjoy other games, have a meal and get back to trying the machines again. If you are trying virtual slot machine games, you need to have a defined spending limit which you should not cross. These are ways to ensure that you play for fun without getting addicted to a game.

What You Need to Know About Free Slots

In any casino, there is a section for table games and another section for slots. The section that consists of the tables is where games like poker, baccarat and roulette are played with high stakes. However, slots require less as each spin costs a coin. A casino just does not sound like a casino without slot machines. The noise created by dropping coins spurs on gamblers to keep on trying their luck. It has been proven that the sound of dropping coins has a psychological effect on other gamblers, as they feel they are a spin away from a win.


Slots are machines where one after inserting a coin or coins will pull a lever or press a button, where the wheels carrying patterns will spin, and come to an eventual halt. A winner is selected when the patterns match throughout the wheels.

The new versions of slot machines are automated, with no dropping coins, but still simulate the sound when one wins the jackpot. Also, a ticket is created for the jackpot winner showing the amount they have won, which is redeemable at the casino. Continuing with the trends slots are to be found online. There are many sites that offer even free slots. Every spin is available from just a click of a button.

Traditionally, the “real” gamblers who were predominantly men would sit out at the tables, while their partners would be at the slot machines. This was due to the fact that they would get bored standing beside their men on the tables. Thus, slots were a way they could get preoccupied chatting, while “pretending” to gamble. Ladies will also be pleased to know that the chatter does not have to stop as they can engage with free online slots.

There are different types of slot machines which are differentiated by the number of wheels they have, or by the amount wagered per spin. When you categorize them by the amount wagered they vary from a paltry dime to high stakes of $500 per spin. The most common slot machines are the quarter slot machines and they will never disappear from a casino as they add to the bottom line. Rarely, you may spot free slots which are just for fun and do not need any coin. When it comes to the wheels, the standard or norm is usually three or five though they can be more. Slots are fun and are a prudent way to gamble on a budget.

How To Play Slot – Learn How to Read a Slot Machine

12This is a sample of a 3-reel slot machine. Reading such a slot machine is simple. After input any amounts you want to play with, all you have a read is a few sections:

  • Section A in above image, indicates the betting coin size. You can increase the amount of coin size by pressing the “+” sign and decrease the betting size by pressing the “-” sign.
  • Section B, indicates how many coins you want to bet each spin. In this sample slot machine, you can bet 1 coin per spin, up to the maximum of 3 coins per spin.
  • Section C, indicates the payout table. By betting the size of 1 coin, 2 coins or 3 coins, you get paid the amount according to this payout table.5-Reel Multi-payline Slot13This is a sample of a 5-reel multi-payline slot machine. This sample slot has 15 paylines.
  • Section A in above image, indicates the betting coin size. You can increase the amount of coin size by pressing the “+” sign and decrease the betting size by pressing the “-” sign.
  • Section B, indicates how many paylines you can chhose to play each spin. In this sample slot game, you can choose to play 1 payline, up to the maximum of 15 paylines per spin.
  • Section C, indicates how many coins you want to bet each spin. You can bet 1 coin per spin, up to the whatever maximum number of coins is allow in each different slot machine. You can bet up to 10 coins, 20 coins, 50 coins or even up to 100 coins, depends on the slot machine you are playing.
  • Section D, is the BET MAX button. It means betting the maximum paylines and maximum coins each spin.
  • Section E, is the Payout Table. Click on the “View Payut”, you will be showing the payout table for each winning combination.

This is a sample slot machine with 15 paylines, which means you can have the maximum of 15 winning paylines each spin.


Get to Know the Myths and Facts about Slots

Remember that everything you know about slots may not be true. There are some myths about slots. To increase your chances of winning, you need to know about the slots myths and the actual facts. In this article, let us see in brief about some myths and the actual facts about slots.

  • Myth: Many people think that slot machines are programmed in a way that it will go through the cycle of payoffs. The cycle can be even thousands of spins, but once the cycle ends, it will again come to the starting and repeats in the same order as the previous cycle.

Fact: This myth is not at all true. Each and every spin is independent of the previous spins and it is completely random.

  • Myth:        Many slot players think that when the jackpot is hit, the slot machines will pay off some percentage of money bet and is programmed in such a way. They think that to get back in balance the slot machine will tighten up. They also believe that if the jackpot is not hit for a long time, then it is more likely to hit soon.

Fact: This myth is false. As said already, each and every spin is completely random and it does not depend on the past spins. The next jackpot does not depend on the previous jackpot hit. You may hit one jackpot and then you may again hit the jackpot on the next spin itself. It is completely independent. The odds are always the same for a given slot machine.

  • Myth: If a player card is not used, then the slot machine will pay more.

Fact: The odds of the game are the same whether the player card is used or not. The outcome of each spin is independent of the use of player card.

  • Myth: During the slow hours the slots will be looser and they will get tighten up when the casino is busy.

Fact: This is untrue. Casinos always try to make some money at the same time making the players happy. The players can sense if the slot machines are too tight and they will never return and the casino knows this fact.

Strategies For Winning at Slots

Everyone loves a great slot machine game. You grab 2 or 3 comes of coins, discover the machine that “talks for youInch after which sit lower for a few hrs in the old one armed bandit. But can there be a real technique for playing the slots? You wager there’s!

The following advice come your way from professionals who’ve won millions through the years by understanding what must be done to become a winning slot machine game player:

Strategies for Winning at Slots

Always take part in the most of coins. In case your bankroll enables for this, it is best to take part in the most of coins per spin the machine allows. The affiliate payouts for optimum gold coin input will always be considerably greater – particularly when you hit the large combinations around the wheels.

Avoid linked “progressive” machines. Progressive slots are frequently associated with other machines around the casino floor – developing a large jackpot for any single lucky champion. It appears enticing, nevertheless the likelihood of you winning that jackpot are like a tiny as anything you’ll find within the casino. Stay with the standalone models using the best odds and affiliate payouts.

Walk the ground watching the machines. You will naturally dive in and begin playing slots when you turn up in the casino, but some time spent staring at the machines will pay large returns. Watch out for machines that appear to having to pay by helping cover their regularity, and hop on the moment the chance comes up.

Only bet additional numbers in the greatest pay-out slots. They’re as rare like a Faberge egg, but individuals machines that shell out 96% – 99% would be the spot to be. Whenever you locate one, enter there and play sensibly!

Request about hot machines. Casino floor employees is definitely an excellent source for details about the new machines. When they cannot let you know the specifics concerning how a piece of equipment continues to be designed, they let you know what they have seen using their own eyes. Tips these individuals well and they’ll steer you within the right direction.

Remain in your financial safe place. If you think much more comfortable having fun with quarters, then don’t sit lower in a $1 machine. The resulting anxiety concerning the greater stakes will prevent you from playing wise and you’ll be that rather more prone to make mistake and rapidly lose your bankroll.

Don’t follow-up good deficits with bad ones. Among the greatest mistakes poor bettors make is reducing early, then betting in greater variations in attempt to have it back rapidly. This more often than not leads to heavy deficits. If you’re lower in a $1 slot machine game, don’t move to the $5 machines inside a “quickie” make an effort to recoup your deficits.

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